Saturday, November 1, 2014

BTFATH: Careful What You Wish For


The Psychos are scraping up the last fools...

"Some markets" are at all time highs
Most markets, not so much...

The Dow's Broadening Top:

"It is a common saying that smart money is out of market in such formation and market is out of control. In its formation, most of the selling is completed in the early stage by big players and the participation is from general public in the later stage"

"Price keeps on swinging unpredictably and one can't be sure where the next swing will end. Regarding the shares volume, it is very irregular and leaves no clue to the direction of the next move."

Mind the 5 Gaps Below

We've seen this movie before, and yet, for the attention deficit, it always ends totally "unexpectedly"

Biotech Weekly
Sure whatever

Kuroda's last hurrah
History's ultimate carry trade. 1997 x 100:

Another couple years and I'll get my money back from Y2K
Not that I'm bitter...
Nasdaq 100

Stuck in 1999
How much hyperbolic bullshit have we endured since then? A fair amount...

The U.S. stock market. Programmed by Russians.
S&P 500 with price range of average stock

Nasdaq Internals:

Bears at 16%

BTFATH: Everyone wants a market at all time highs. So be it.