Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Truth Book: Living the Grand Lie

Sadly, the biggest lie in this age isn't the cynically ignored spreading poverty

The biggest lie is the make-believe "wealth". Ponzi wealth is a fictional illusion...

Global Debt

Global Macro
Canadian dollar, copper, Russian stocks, crude oil

U.S. total debt (370% of GDP) w/Fed funds interest rates

U.S. Median Net Worth

U.S. Real Median Income

U.S. Employment Level

U.S. Consumer "sentiment"

European Debt

European Youth Unemployment

France CAC

Japanese Nikkei

Spanish Bond Yields

Argentina Stock Market

The Wilshire 5000 (U.S.) "adjusted" for debt and inflation

U.S. Wages versus Profits

The Fed Printed Dow

Forward deflation expectations as imputed from Treasury bond yields: