Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Inconvenient Truth: Rome is Burning

When the lies are far more important than the truth, then the vector is straight down
The sitting President of the United States is never allowed to speak the truth. It's off limits. His mission is to maintain the illusion of empire at all costs. Is there any surprise then that the past forty years has seen various combinations of 'B' actors, draft dodgers, coke addicts, empty shirts and philanderers as President? George Bush Senior was the most qualified president in 35 years and he was unceremoniously dumped after one term for trying to balance the budget (and trade deficit). The Neocons hated him - he labeled their beloved Supply Side Ponzinomics, "Voodoo Economics". And the real problem was never his son George W. Bush, after all, every village has its idiot, it was the 50 million people who elected him twice, even after it was well documented that the reasons for invading Iraq were totally fabricated...

“If you watch the nightly news, it feels like the world is falling apart” 
[President Obama, Aug. 29th, 2014]

The President was uncommonly truthful this week about a lot of things, which was extremely refreshing. Neocons went insane...

First, the facts: The United States Created the Islamic State
Not directly of course, but certainly indirectly. The Iraq war and the ensuing occupation killed hundreds of thousands of civilians and displaced millions of others. The anarchy and destruction destabilized the entire region. Non-stop meddling, invasions, wars and support for the most corrupt potentates has fed radical Islam like a runaway mutant virus. 

Iraq Body Count: 143,000

In FauxNews land, lies project strength, the truth projects weakness
This week, Obama admitted that the U.S. does not yet have a coherent strategy for fighting the Islamic State. No shit. Finally the truth. You can't "fix" something that decades of bad policy created. Well, the Fauxtards went bat shit. "What do you mean you don't have a strategy?". The worst president ever. He actually spoke the truth, can you believe it? If I wanted the truth, I would have voted for Ron Paul. 

Ron Paul speaks the truth all the time. I think he garnered maybe 6% of the Republican Primary vote. The dunced electorate chose a devout Mormon instead who made his money dismantling U.S. companies and believes that 47% of Americans are lazy free-loaders. You know, the 47% he helped to lay off. He's not allowed to drink coffee, but he brags breezily: "I like being able to fire people for bad service". I have news for you Mr. RomneyBot, if you fire someone for bad service nowadays, then they just walk across the street and get another McJob. Fuck you very much.

The Other Big Moment of Truth
The other big news that was largely distorted this week, was Obama saying that the U.S. would not intervene militarily in the Ukraine. "There is no military option". Again, it was a welcome break from decades of posturing and aggressive attempts to constantly intervene in foreign affairs at the farthest flung frontiers of the empire. As usual, Neocons know-it-alls went bat shit, dispensing more arm chair military advice on top of the disastrously bad advice they've been giving for decades now. See: "Obama and Europe should take military action against Russia".


Obama Bin Biden is the Global Head of Islamic State
The real news this week was not Islamic State, Ukraine, Pakistan, Fukushima, the environment, NSA surveillance, the Globalized Ponzi Scheme,  nor anything else important. It was that President Obama wore a brown suit. Well, there you go, total proof that he is out to destroy the United States. Entire long-winded vacuous and pointless diatribes were written on this subject. "He is intentionally telegraphing weakness". He is signalling to IS that "it's time". He is their inside man. 

"The reaction was near instantaneous across social media channels. The knee jerk over whelming first responses were (to be kind) a projection of weakness. The contrast between the surrounding stage set used in the press room and the tan suit was glaring."

"It can’t be underestimated just how much of a message is being intentionally sent"

"Symbolism matters" [Especially when the truth is totally irrelevant]

"I believe it was a deliberate act for symbolic effect to telegraph a message they want remembered by whomever they were trying to reach."

Obama is not the problem, his Manchurian Candidate Presidency is merely a symptom of the real problem. At best Obama was simply the least worst of two candidates. How the Republicans thought that a Vulture Capitalist could get elected after 2008 shows just how clueless and totally out of touch they are with current demographics. More importantly, special interest groups have an iron grip on the U.S. government. There are 14,000 lobbying groups in Washington. No one changes Washington. Washington changes everyone. But until the general population wakes up to how this game is played, then the charade will continue.

If the purpose of a President is to blow smoke up the ass of a stoned Idiocracy which has lost its ability to face reality, while everything falls apart in real-time, then there will be a lot more "worst presidents ever" in the future