Sunday, August 24, 2014

Extend and Pretend: An Elevator Ride into the Abyss

The Idiocracy sold its soul (and everything else) for a few more years of debt-fueled mass consumption, but then conveniently forgot their end of the bargain. 
Angel Heart is the story of a "detective" hired by "Louis Cypher" to help track down a serial murderer. In reality, the detective himself is the murderer, but he had conveniently assumed an alias and given himself amnesia so he could escape his end of the "bargain" he had made with Lucifer. In the end of course, despite the various futile attempts to hide, Harry Angel is confronted by the truth and promptly takes an elevator ride into the abyss.

Generation Liquidation: "You didn't build this"
Between 2000 and 2012, 17 factories closed every day in the U.S.
Today's masses have conveniently developed amnesia as to what they've sold in order to put the reality check of 2008 behind them i.e. everything. The Idiocracy sold its soul and its childrens' future to enjoy a few more years of Third World exploitation and shopping sprees, instead of confronting reality as to the total unsustainability and scalability of the Globalized ponzi scheme. They also knew that this asinine gambit would open the floodgates for Third World poverty to flow straight back to the developed world via a cascading wave of bankrutpcies and empty factories. Therefore, the end result of Extend and Pretend will be a prompt elevator ride back down to reality, this time with far fewer assets and less solvency than they had in 2008. 

How to Become Third World (as quickly as possible)
If the goal of this entire disaster was to outsource the jobs and factories inevitably leading to wages collapsed down to Third World levels, all for Wall Street's sacred profits, then it would have made more sense just to collapse the wages and keep the jobs and factories. As usual, the Idiocracy chose the most dumbfucked of all "options". In Econo-dunce terms, it was pareto inefficient from a U.S. standpoint, albeit highly efficient from a Chinese standpoint.