Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ponzi Capitalism: The Ultimate War Generation Machine

100 Years since WWI. What have we learned? Less than nothing
Tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the "War to end all wars". WWI. Self-absorbed cynics are surprised to find that 100 years later, human proclivity towards war is alive and well. They see a world wherein the top 85 billionaires own as much wealth as the bottom 3.5 billion, and they wonder "why can't everyone just get along?". 
Economic and political oppression leads to wars. Always. Every time. No exceptions.

"War is only justified to maintain the status quo"
Holy men tell us that war is not the answer, unless the empire is under dire attack. They tell us mere oppression is not a justification for violence, then they switch back to recounting all of the ancient victories as our ancestors violently threw off the "yoke of oppression". Sure, whatever.

Today's clueless buffoons in leadership have all run out of answers. The last place they would look for the source of the problem is the ponzi economy, because that's what keeps them in power. So they look everywhere else. In a world consisting of infinite numbers of religions, cults, and ethnic divisions, there are an unlimited number of reasons to go to war, however, they all assiduously ignore the root cause of the problem.

The Golden Handbook: "How to destroy an empire"
The war to end all wars wasn't WWI, it was Vietnam. Vietnam is/was a Third World country that defeated the greatest superpower in the history of this planet when that superpower was at the apex of its power. The guerrilla warfare techniques honed in Vietnam were then deployed in Afghanistan to defeat the Soviets and not only win that war, but help to collapse that empire. And of course those same techniques are working flawlessly in Iraq and Afghanistan at this very moment. All wars ultimately are wars of economic attrition, and the guerrilla handbook which was perfected in Vietnam assures that all wars going forward - short of total nuclear annihilation, will be long drawn out entanglements. Any country that didn't already learn that lesson is merrily on its way to bankruptcy. In the context of a four year political cycle and an attention deficit populace with the attention span of a coked up flea, the hubris of attempting to defeat a thousand year "caliphate" in the making is pure insanity. The only strategy that works is to stop buying their "product" aka. oil and leave their internal factions to war themselves back to the Stone Age.

Ponzi Capitalism: "why can't everyone just get along?"
100 Years of war and next to nothing has been learned. Ponzi capitalism - this fantasy of buying in one locale and dumping in another, which has taken global poverty and wealth inequality to historically impossible extremes, is the ultimate war generation machine. It is inherently politically and economically unstable. But don't tell that to the jackasses running this shit show - Davos conventions and shopping mall sprees are their sole meaning of life. So don't expect them to change a fucking thing, until it all comes crashing down around them seemingly out of nowhere. Yes, again.

"I Didn’t See Any Of That Coming Until It Happened"
Which gets me to my last point, neither Janet Yellen, nor your average dunce today saw the 2008 collapse coming ahead of time. They ignored the housing bubble as it was happening in real-time. They ignored subprime and the handing out of zero down mortgages to illegal aliens. They ignored the serial collapse of Bear Stearns, Washington Mutual, Countrywide, Fannie, Freddy, AIG. But then when Lehman finally failed, they all exclaimed in unison "no one saw that coming" as their 401k balances turned to dust.

Stay tuned for future events, because what comes next is going to make 2008 seem like a fucking picnic. And we need not expect any advance notice ahead of time. After all, those who ignored subprime would never assume that it's impossible to borrow their way out of a debt crisis.