Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Empire's Frontier is Collapsing

Empires don't have control, they have the illusion of control, which they rent at an exorbitant rate until another country comes along willing to bankrupt themselves for the same delusion.

The Neocons' cherished Pax Americana fantasy is dissolving in real-time, and they are the last to realize that it was always doomed to fail...

All Empires are Destroyed from Within
Apparently these new barbarians in Iraq didn't get the memo that they were supposed to maintain the illusion of empire right up until the collapse, as everyone else is doing. However, it won't be Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Taliban or any other foreign entity that brings down the U.S. empire, it will be the Neocon dumbfucks who will bring it down from within. Even now, the war hawks - McCain, Lindsey et. al. are clamoring to throw good money after bad and otherwise continue to teach other countries how to live the "American way".  

Of course, in a war of attrition, time is the enemy. Time doesn't care about mid-term elections nor the aspirations of glassy eyed game show hosts sporting an 11% approval rating. The Islamists building their thousand year caliphate are playing the long game, straight from the Viet Cong handbook. It worked in Vietnam and it's working just as well in Afghanistan and Iraq where one terrorist attack on U.S. soil brought the two longest military entanglements in U.S. history. U.S. policy-makers by comparison are dinking around like Milton Bradley, playing megalomaniacal parlour games for morons incapable of basic math.

Suffice to say that the current generation of "leadership" buffoons are expert at dismantling countries and empires, and have absolutely no clue how to build one. Today's thought dealers and their power-dunced mentality will be long purged before anything will be able to improve.

You can't get chicken salad from chicken shit. Now consulting enemies for advice:

Politics: As Usual
June 13, 2014: "McCain: We won the war in Vietnam Iraq, then Obama lost it"
To paraphrase: Obama's slow drawdown of troops 8 years after the war started and three years into his first term election (promise), shattered the nirvana that Republicans had created in the Middle East. Suddenly Shias and Sunnis remembered that they had been at war for hundreds of years and that the U.S. had completely reversed the power structure in Iraq. 

Sure, whatever. As long as Fauxtards keep electing delusional morons, the vector is straight into the ground until everyone finally gets the memo that the days of getting away with being clueless egomaniacal dumbfucks is over. There are limits as to how many bad decisions that a reserve currency can paper over. In the Idiocracy one bad decision always leads to the next worse one.

A Two Front War
In the context of a war of attrition, these continued attacks on the Empire's frontier are merely a massive diversion. Al Qaeda & Co. can't do anything to the U.S. that Pentagon planners are not already doing i.e. depleting the Treasury at a catastrophic rate. Ultra-expensive technology and C5 Galaxies carrying M1 tanks halfway around the world one at a time, are a massive liability in a game spanning decades, not mid-term political cycles. The Neocons have been drinking their own Kool-Aid for three decades straight hence they are power drunk to the fact that this is a two front war - the external front and the internal/domestic front. They are so busy projecting faux power abroad that they are totally oblivious to the economic war of attrition being lost at home - blundering straight towards economic collapse. The cost of their thirty+ year fantasy has been a mere 1600% increase in the national debt i.e. 9% compounded annually for 34 years. 

A Fed-printed Paper Tiger
These ever-growing number of countries now experiencing extreme turmoil are de facto proof that the frontiers of the empire are collapsing in plain view. The external facade is falling. And yet, the real weakness lies within, as literally everyone outside of a handful of bloggers is desperately bought in to the illusion of never-ending economic resources supporting troops in 145 countries worldwide. All of which is supported by the thinnest thread of Fed-fabricated confidence held by war bankers who blithely assume that all debts get paid. 

Therefore, the real war is not in Iraq or anywhere else for that matter, it's in the willingness and ability of the American public to continue to support this madness when it has already been proven without a doubt to be a fool's errand of the highest order. Belief in the perpetuation of the contrived and manipulated flag waving con game underlying this massive Pax American ego trip is the ultimate fool's bet. 

It's never more than a few thousand Dow points from being tested.

June 16th, 2014: Kenyan Massacre
Islamists kill 48 at coastal town.