Thursday, June 12, 2014

"Aw Fuck, Not this Again !"

Everything comes as a "surprise" to the Idiocracy. Something about having their heads permanently installed in their own asses. That, and believing CNN "is the most trusted name in airliner searches".

"Iraqi forces' rout by a ragtag militia this week shocked politicians in Baghdad and Washington, but the troops and their American trainers have been warning for years that the Iraqi military wasn't ready for battle." 

"For years" 
How many Benghazi inquiries is that? Any idea?

General McCaffrey:
"It's amazing to see an army unraveling...there were 30,000 Iraqi troops at Mosul and they just walked away"
"What can the U.S. do to help? Not much..."
"This is an Iraqi war, and after 10 years and $600 billion dollars, they have to fight their own war"

While I'm at CNBS, may as well flash this up as well...
"I thought it was stunning ... Eric Cantor was a sensible politician," Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein told CNBC on Wednesday"

June 12th: Russian Tanks in the Ukraine 
This is another "issue" that the attention deficit frat boys just figured would magically go away. Putin is playing rope-a-dope with the Western governments which are trying to manage the situation in between airliner searches, political campaigns, and Bowe Bergdahl hearings.

The Theme Du Jour: "No One Saw that Coming"
I think we all see where this is all heading. All of these "unrelated" events will seemingly come out of nowhere and kick the Idiocracy in the ass on a daily basis. Too many seasons of CNN and the Kardashians have left the stoned masses and their buffoons in leadership wholly unprepared for their first ever date with reality. 

Of course, per the theme of the blog, there is always the least expected "event"
Hussman Funds, June 9th 2014
"The Lesson of history is that we don't learn from history"
"Market conditions presently match those that have repeatedly preceded either market crashes or extended losses approaching 50% or more"

Oil at a 9 month high:
It wasn't too many weeks ago, under a separate post when I remarked that the rally in the airlines was the sign of a late stage (terminal) market blow-off top. Today's spike in crude of course has monkey-hammered those "high flying" airlines.

American Airlines Founded 1934. Doubled in the past 6 months:
What goes up too far and too fast will come down even faster
The fact that these airlines were bankrupt and all had to re-IPO in the past few years, may have been a clue that they are not stable investments. That and the fact that the stock of a company founded in 1934 doubled since December...

Never Go FULL Retard
For the record, Faux News is technically the "most trusted name in news", by Americans. It's also the "least trusted" by (other) Americans. To the 6.7 billion people outside of the United States of course, Fox News isn't "news" at all - it's merely a form of systematic propaganda used to distract the increasingly-dunced population while the latest and greatest empire gets dismantled in broad daylight by its own "elites". It's what every empire has at this late stage in the game - self-delusional spectacle, hubris, obfuscation, and reactionary guardianship of the self-imploding status quo. America's Pravda, circa 1989.

Faux News: "The Last to Know"TM