Monday, February 24, 2014

The Corporatized Matrix Liquidated the Real Economy

We are the human batteries powering the Corporatized Matrix - born into indentured servitude. The Corporate endless growth paradigm cannibalized the real economy, leaving a hollow illusion populated by denatured human drones...

Denatured from Birth
Every aspect of our lives has been denatured and controlled by one soulless corporation or another. 

From the Frankenfood-like substance at the grocery store of unknown Monsanto origin, to the Newspeak-like information that we are fed via the corporate media. They control the media, they control the message. 

The machine doesn't like people to ask too many questions, so the human batteries have been steadily dumbed down one episode of South Park/American Idolatry at a time. 

When the internet became commercialized in 1995 a la the "World Wide Web", it was immediately flooded and overwhelmed by mangled, obfuscated, contorted disinformation. A toxic waste sewer of for-profit-only garbage. Hyperlinked bullshit sent attention deficit disorder through the roof where it has grown acute amid texting and mobile handset addiction. 

The Sociopathic Corporation (aka. Agency Theory)
As I've explained before, agency management assures that corporations remain fixated on their goal of mindless growth at all costs. Any given shareholder may be environmentally conscious or worker friendly, but via the corporate model, the incentives of the agency management are to maximize share price at all costs. Some companies say they support this "good cause" or that one as part of their overall Marketing slogan, but as soon as they miss Wall Street expectations, that other non-profit-related  bullshit goes straight out the window. As I also explained, obscene profits are not adequate, corporations must continue to grow profits at all times or the stock market will vote their shares down in real time, and as the stock price plummets those management options will be rendered worthless. The growth-at-all-costs model does not go in reverse.

Sociopathic Buffoons Running Amok
These country club CEOs and their management lackeys are hardcore sociopaths. They've impoverished millions without even the slightest twinge of guilt. They turned the economy into a zero sum game to their own overwhelming personal benefit and in the process turned their companies into call options. Most of them were hatched in Ivy League schools which generated the text book alchemy that gives the all-important specious stamp of approval to this entire fucking fiasco. Harvard et. al. must never be questioned, no matter how self-destructive are their ideas.

Front-Running Democracy
Like HFTs in the stock market, the corporate special interests front-run the public at the polling booth by buying both/all parties ahead of time. The game show hosts in politics with % approval ratings hovering near single digits, bear the brunt of the public frustration while the puppet masters remain out of view. The Lost Boys of the Idiocracy and various other complicit stooges rail away at "evil government" in faux outrage, while the special interest groups who direct all government actions remain fully intact and unquestioned.

Feasting on the Carcass of the Real Economy
In the context of the Fed's generated Potemkin Village, the real economy no longer matters. The Fed expands the money supply as a proxy for real economic growth and the stock market is now programmed to only go up when the real economy goes down. So the corporate incentive to create organic growth, in aggregate is now negative. Investment in real plant and equipment has been supplanted by speculation in secondary market paper assets. A zero sum game. The one time industrial arbitrage between East and West cannibalized demand while massively inflating supply. The output gap going into this next downturn will be unprecedented in scale.

Those of us corporatized slaves, accept the Fed's debased dollars without any form of rebellion, because as a society we've been bred for docility. The corporate hierarchy is the ultimate passive aggressive breeding ground. Still, some of us know that the special interest groups closest to the printing press benefit at our expense. And those who understand deflation know that this is all just a smoke screen to cover up the ongoing collapse of the real economy. Once that smoke screen lifts, the fully hollowed out devastation will be revealed for all to see. 

Dopamine Addicted Zombies
The worst part about this entire fiasco is that we are surrounded by human zombies who have been denatured to the point where they can no longer be happy outside of this corporatized Disneyland. They seek comfort in the illusion being projected onto the paper walls of the Fed's Potemkin Village. They don't question it in the slightest.

Granted, they can't really help it. The human batteries have been turned into dopamine addicts by the Corporatized Matrix. They can't envision life without McMansions, SUVs, Black Thursday shopping sprees, supercarriers and other trinkets. They are bought in and sold out to the status quo no matter how fake or unsustainable it may be. Therefore, like any other type of junky they will have a hard time surviving when taken off of their consumption-oriented stimulants. 

So when it all implodes spectacularly and reality is revealed in all of its natural glory, then it's highly likely that these zombies will behave in desperate ways that are highly "unpredictable".

You've been warned.