Friday, February 7, 2014

Conflict of Interest: A Cautionary Tale

For those outside of the U.S. who don't understand all of the angst and hand-wringing over Obamacare, don't worry, you never will. It's a cautionary tale for any country that allows private interests to take over the government and commercialize everything. Regardless, everyone knows that aspiring Third World countries can't afford universal health coverage anyway...

"Dude, Where's My Economy?"
The latest trend in attacking universal healthcare, is to blame Obamacare for the lack of jobs. Because we all know how universal health care has killed the jobs market in other countries which somehow now have lower unemployment than the U.S. And these people attacking Obamacare as the root of all job-loss, couldn't possibly admit that the lack of jobs has anything to do with the shipping of millions of jobs and entire industries to other countries. Because they are the ones who did it. If the sole goal was to collapse U.S. wages down to that of China to amplify profits, which will be the ultimate outcome of this "industrial arbitrage", then it would have been a hell of a lot better to just force everyone to take a massive pay cut up front and still keep their jobs. Because this asinine notion of shipping the economy to another country AND then taking a forced pay cut anyway due to the lack of jobs, is the worst of all possible outcomes. Not only will the wages be collapsed, but there goes the intellectual capital, engineering expertise, management expertise and the entire supply chain. Who is going to be the erstwhile "consumer" on the other side of this fiasco? The U.S. is literally being run by the biggest group of dumbfucks to ever run any country, anywhere, ever. Game show hosts really. They can't keep this economy together, because they didn't build it. They only sold it.

If You Want Healthcare, Go To Prison
Currently a convicted felon doing hard time, is guaranteed healthcare inside the prison. However, as soon as he steps outside and gets his first minimum wage job, he will likely have no healthcare whatsoever. If he has kids, his best option, if they get sick, is to pull up to the hospital and drop them off at the curb and pray the hospital will treat them for free. If he goes inside, he may well end up bankrupt.

Fuck You Jack, I'm Ok
It's a system run by and for corporatized special interest groups, end of story. The only people who defend the status quo have good jobs with employer-provided health insurance OR worse yet, have government sponsored Medicare (65 and older) and therefore don't give a flying fuck what happens to to anyone else. The Republicans had 238 years to come up with their own universal health insurance program, but in all that time, they came up with nothing. So, they are still looking for ways to kill, defund, or otherwise hobble Obamacare. And granted, they've done a hell of a job. The current incarnation of the program was written by health insurance industry lobbyists so the odds that it will be financially feasible are likely the limit approaching zero. And how a country that invented the internet, Google, Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Amazon (stop me anytime), couldn't put a basic healthcare delivery web site together is a testament to how corrupt and dysfunctional the U.S. government procurement "process" has become. It has been systematically destroyed by the 14,000 special interest groups operating in D.C.

Privatized Hospitals
Worse yet, for anyone who doesn't have medical insurance, out-of-pocket costs for someone without healthcare are orders of magnitude higher than someone who has health insurance, because the insurance companies pre-negotiate all their fees given that they have huge negotiating power. Whereas the privatized hospitals charge list price for anyone walking in off of the street. So people who make minimum wage and are uninsured, are guaranteed to pay ludicrous rates for even the most basic of services, hence why they drop their kids off at the curb or otherwise avoid going to the hospital altogether. These private hospitals make most of their profit from the "drop-ins".

At Least Healthcare Stocks are Doing Well
Those adamantly opposed to Obamacare, can take solace that their stock portfolios have significantly benefited due to the outperformance of the healthcare sector, since 2009:

Don't Worry It Will All Collapse Anyway
Just like everything else unsustainable, the current employer-driven system will collapse under the weight of its own corruption. You see, healthcare provided by corporatized insurance cartels doesn't mix well with corporate Frankenfood that is generating skyrocketing diabesity and rates of disease. These costs presented below are by no means sustainable on any level. 

Which of these countries has privatized healthcare?
U.S. Healthcare is 2.5 times the OECD average:

"I'm Lovin' It": The High Cost of McDonald's Care
Growth of U.S. healthcare costs as % of GDP

It's all just another so-called "system" run by and for morally void man-boys, who will end up bankrupting themselves in the not-too-distant future. If I were them, I would be more concerned over the solvency of their own healthcare plans, which are by no means sustainable - especially Medicare. The current projection is that Medicare will become insolvent by 2026, however, these projections just assume that the U.S. government will have unlimited borrowing power in the interim to sustain the ongoing deficits. When that "assumption" gets tested, then the insolvency projection will move up to that timeframe known as "now".

Soon prisoners will have the best healthcare. As always, you can't make this shit up...

A Cautionary Tale