Thursday, August 21, 2014

BTFATH - Buy The Fucking All Time High (Again...and Again)

A $40 trillion increase in global debt since 2007 still hasn't borrowed the economy back from China, nor fixed the debt problem. This has to be the worst pseudo-recovery ever...

The most overbought market in 20 years

Dow adjusted for inflation: A 6% gain in 15 years

The Honest Dow
The Total U.S. stock market adjusted for inflation and Debt (as % of GDP):

The Total Market Index with Fed Balance Sheet
Printing money to buy stocks while the economy is shipped to China. What a bunch of dumbfucks

The ETrader "Fuck the Grandkids" Index
Bulls - Bears: 30 week moving average

NYSE Volume
Skynet is large and in charge

A Circle of Jerks
The Earnings Yield: Peaked in 2011. This charade is all just a momentum feedback loop
Notice how "earnings" plunged in 2008. Stay tuned for future events...

T-Bonds or Stocks?
We know which one is right about the "economy". Again

The Russell/Dow Ratio
Smalls caps versus large caps

The S&P 500 and its average stock
A divergence we haven't seen since oh, the top in 2007:

Spanish stocks (red) and the Euro
Leaving the party early. Correlation reconnecting to the downside...

Unhedged funds starting to hedge, way late...

Vacation time is almost over
This just in: Fed-Driven Complacency Sparks Record Streak Of VIX-Selling Inflows
Shorting the VIX (black line) with the stock market at all time highs:

Remember: Nothing Matters Until it Collapses, so BTFATH...