Saturday, June 8, 2013

Over-Confident Buffoons Running Amok

Raw facts and data have never been more abundant or accessible. The usable information gained via the analysis of these raw facts and data, is likewise unprecedented in quantity and quality. Unfortunately, judgement, which is the interpretation of information, has never been worse...

Subjectively speaking, when I say "worse", I mean in the past two hundred years. Never before in mankind's history has there been an economic bubble of the magnitude that we live in today. The technology didn't even exist until very recently to create a massively leveraged economic bubble of this current scale. By definition, the primary sponsors and beneficiaries of this bubble live at the top of the socioeconomic ladder. Yet for some reason, broader society ignores this overwhelming conflict of interest and turns to this same privileged country club to render their theories and ideas on how best to govern society and the economy. Worse yet, these coddled "experts" are the furthest removed from reality, and will be the last to realize that the entire model is already imploding.

Adopt the Standard Position - Bent Over, Head Straight Up Own Ass
99.9% of the opinion and analysis rendered today is contaminated bullshit, bloggers notwithstanding. To varying extent, all current opinions are now distorted by the presumed sustainability of the "status quo", which refracts all data and facts within the bubble. That said, those most bought in to the Ponzi bubble i.e. the over-confident thought dealers at the top - have the strongest opinions, the largest audience and the least objectivity. They unfortunately will be the last to realize that the real economy has already stopped working. Add in the fact that most of these "experts" in economics and politics are all in latter stages of life, which adds one more distorting bias. Wondering why there isn't more outrage over the 30% youth unemployment rate? Today's geriatric thought dealers have decided to let that issue simmer on the back burner until it explodes in unrest. They have granted virtually unlimited resources to the military industrial complex and virtually no resources to today's youth. What happened to those 1960s radical activists agitating for social change? They are grey-haired old men now, sitting at home fretting over their 401k balances. Social justice was only an issue when it affected their generation. Now that they are at the top of the pyramid, it's "fuck you Jack, I'm Ok". These draft dodging hypocrites have no problem sending young people to fight their corrupt resource wars, but they can't muster $9 billion to subsidize student loans - a mere 1.3% of the Defense budget. Unfortunately these morons haven't figured out that it will be hard to get young people to pick up the tab for this massively unsustainable lifestyle, when they are still living at home, playing xBox.

Of course, the commercialized lamestream media is highly complicit in maintaining the illusion of the status quo. These entitled comfort seekers are totally incapable of imagining an existence that doesn't have them at the center of the universe pampered by unfettered access to copious resources. The fact that the majority on this planet are forced to toil in abject poverty to sustain that fantasy, is of no concern to them. Unfortunately, all this means is that we are being led down a blind alley by a cadre of the most bloated vacuous blowhards in human history. Today's thought dealers are the alpha male alchemists of our time, who bulldozed their way to the top by inventing various specious and unsustainable theories that only contributed to inflating of very bubble that is now on the verge of implosion.

They don't possess the courage, honesty, or veracity to even acknowledge the problems they created, much less to fix them.