Monday, May 20, 2013


You can tell I am somewhat superstitious and always looking for some arcane sign of the 'top'.

For example the S&P closing at 1666.

Or solar stocks going supernova...

One stock I would actually buy if it wasn't being inflated by speculators trading on the :15 minute boundary (and I wasn't expecting the overall market to collapse):

Solar City finance and install solar panels for personal residences. Instead of paying the utility, you instead pay a monthly fee to Solar City, which is commensurate with the utility bill. Here it is up a mere 550% in six months:

Sunpower, up 475%:

Canadian Solar - up a mere 350%:

Here again is my favourite 'solar stock' - the land of the setting sun's Nikkei - tacking on another wafer thin mint 1.5% overnight. Nothing phony about this rally:

And clearly no sign of 'froth' in these markets...