Sunday, May 26, 2013

War on Terror II: Attack of the Drones (Now On Sale)

The Obamanator tried to bounce back from a week of bludgeoning by the Republicans over various second-term corruption fiascos, by telling the country that the "war on terror is over". Holy shit, you may as well have told the old folks home that dinner is at 7pm instead of 4:30. The Faux Newstards went insane. This black, communist, anti-christ is "projecting weakness" at the worst possible time.

Unfortunately, nothing projects weakness like seeing over-fed comfort-seekers talking about projecting weakness...

Who dug these fuckers out of the grave? Is this voodoo or something? Nothing projects weakness like old men talking about sending young men to die. Aside from McCain and Hagel, half of the politicians these days - most notably all recent Presidents - were hiding under their bed every time Uncle Sam came calling for draft cards. The Taliban would eat them alive, like under-cooked shishkabobs.  And nothing projects weakness like bad math that is bankrupting just the latest empire in world history. These Neocons honestly think that they can win some amorphous battle against increasingly home-grown militants who are fed-up with the dystopian fantasy falsely advertised as the American way of life.  "Terrorism" itself, whether domestic or foreign is merely a rejection of the status quo. As the globalized ponzi continues to fail ever greater numbers of people on this planet, we can expect more "terrorism" in its various forms and hence the "war on terror" will only escalate. This multi-decade projection of U.S. power, through no coincidence, directly correlates with the ascendancy of the globalized ponzi economy. These ongoing forces are needed far and wide to protect the "interests" of multinational companies. And terrorism of course is the ultimate war of attrition, designed to bankrupt any nation that attempts to stamp it out by using overpriced military technology and large scale invasions that deplete financial resources on a massive scale. The current crop of thought dealers apparently failed world history 101 and otherwise don't realize that they are not the first ones to be duped into bankrupting their own country. Relying upon a recurring trade deficit to fund a recurring fiscal (defense) budget deficit is a game for abject morons who are willing to put the fate of their country in the hands of foreign nations, not all of which are onboard with U.S. imperialist ambitions.

Therefore this current level of hubris and false bravado based solely on a dying and ephemeral economy, won't last forever. At the end, it will accelerate at escape velocity, as it is now - leaving everyone feeling fat and happy - euphoric. When in the last four years has there been this much complacency and contentment? Where is Occupy Wall Street now, even as the greedbots of the day go all in on their historically massively leveraged carry trades? Showered in trillions of free money from corrupt Central Banks. Escape velocity - to pick up the last remaining reluctant skeptics, right before heading straight into the brick wall of reality, at which point things will get fucking ugly. Quickly.

Below is a flashback to the past, for the generation that hated war when they were doing the fighting, but now loves it like it's the latest video game. I've heard through the grapevine that the new version of War on Terror ("Attack of the Drones"), will feature domestic drone attacks. Can't wait to watch those on CNN...