Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Idiocracy Lives !

The Idiocracy is a movie about a guy who travels 500 years into the future to find a dystopian world where:

1) All of society has been commercialized to the point where human beings are walking billboards

2) Society is incessantly bombarded with and dumbed down by, a popular media totally devoid of intelligence

3) There is a pervasive movement towards anti-intellectualism

4) The President is a sloganeering buffoon who has no idea or control over what is going on around him

5) Society is being systematically poisoned by the mass proliferation of junk food, devoid of any nutrition

6) The few remaining people who think for themselves decide not to have children because they don't want to raise them in a cesspool

My only complaint about the movie is that it was sold as science fiction/comedy, when it's really a documentary.  Because just as the rate of change in the melting of the polar ice caps has been continually underestimated - by the same infantile society too bloated to understand (or accept) basic science; here we see also that an event - the devolution of humanity - expected to take 500 years - only took 6 years (since the movie was made). That's quite an acceleration. Fortunately nature selects against those members of a species that squander resources and otherwise attempt to defy reality.  That lesson is on tap for the Idiocracy.

And I expect even the Taliban will be caught off guard by how much Western civilization has declined in such a short period of time, but I am sure they will adjust their plans accordingly...