Monday, July 16, 2012

Time to Fry

And now for everyone's least favourite subject:  How we fucked up the planet while driving our kids five states away to soccer games and otherwise commuting 400 miles in each direction.  Or maybe I should believe that through our inaction and egregious consumption we actually improved the planet, by spewing 80 million barrels of carbon into the air every day for decades.  ExxonMobil was right after all.  Yeah, that's the ticket - beach front property for everyone (Except those who already have it, of course).

NOAA: Warmest 12 Months on Record:

NOAA:  Temperature trend

I hear all the time, "we need more data", "we need more data".  Yeah sure.  What we need is for a tornado to spontaneously appear every time some fat fuck gets in their SUV.  The 300 pound Fat Man that is the Idiocracy can't get out of its own way, let alone worry about anything on the macro level.

And as indicated here, there are extremely compelling reasons for having a coherent energy strategy that go well beyond the climate-related issues.  Of course those more obvious issues were ignored as well, so any idea that "we got this one right" by ignoring Al Gore's hoax, is just pathetic rationalizaton by the 300 pound fat man.

For those of us who believe in natural selection, we can only surmise that the species replacing us at the top of the food chain will have a better sense of reality...