Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Status Quo is the Path to Anarchy

When anarchy breaks out on the other side of the next inevitable financial meltdown, our thought dealers will be loathe to realize that they sowed the seeds of their own destruction.

As long as someone else's children were doing the suffering, the status quo was fine by them. By willfully ignoring the ongoing economic pain felt at the bottom of the pyramid and now up through the middle, our self-nominated "elites" are creating an inevitable path to anarchy...

The pain at the bottom always existed. This globalized Ponzi never worked for the wage slaves in Third World sweatshops no matter how much it was touted by the economic establishment at large. No number of Davos Summits can alter the inherent nature of the globalized pyramid scheme. Obviously the beneficiary elites have known this all along.

Then of course the pain spread to the first tier middle class of the developed world, whose entire manufacturing-based industries were outsourced, forcing those workers to get low paying service jobs, often at 50% or more wage reductions and far fewer benefits. Economists said they just needed to be retrained. They've been saying that for 30 years now...

Now, in recent years, via outsourcing, the pain has reached the middle class full force. Granted many people are attempting to struggle through stoically, however, they are fighting a losing battle as their costs and incomes move in opposite directions.

At the very top of course, it's quite the opposite. The ultra-wealthy have never had it so good in human history. They have access to electronically transferable wealth, technology, resources and mobility that never even existed in prior centuries.

Meanwhile, the power class - bourgeoisie - upper middle class - whatever you want to call them, are still feeling no pain either. They just had their politician stooges lock in the Bush tax cuts permanently, and they have garnered an ever-growing share of wealth and income in the past several decades.

Quantitative Easing Has Driven A Chasmic Gap Between Rich and Poor
The key point in all of this is that choosing to ignore another's pain, is a conscious choice. It's the decision our callous thought dealers have made - as we all wait around like fucking idiots for the economy to come back from China. The elites, are willing to maintain the status quo forever, because they are the sole beneficiaries of  Bernankenstein's asset levitation program. He prints trillions to inflate their wealth, while the ranks of the long-term unemployed remain at an all time high. Quantitative Easing is the ultimate form of Supply Side Economics aka. "Voodoo Economics" aka. "Trickle Down Economics". It showers trillions down on a handful of ultra-wealthy elites, who spend it on their yachts and baubles, sprinkling bread crumbs down to the masses. The number of billionaires is at an all time high, by no coincidence - thanks to Bernankenstein - and they are in no hurry to change the status quo. 

Therefore, what they need is some motivation.

An ever-increasing number of children are suffering while the Plutocrats wait for Godot, fat and happy. This will lead to inevitable anarchy. Only at that time, will they be duly motivated...

Sowing the Seeds of Destruction One Food Stamp at a Time:
"But you tell me over and over and over again, my friend, you don't believe we're on the Eve of Destruction..." - Barry McGuire